Friday, July 18, 2008

Norway July 2008

To Bergen and Bryggen, a world heritage site, very pleasant in the sunshine - the old wooden buildings drawing in the tourists and some russian sailors. For food the nearby fish market provides excellent cod & chips.
However at £10 for a beer one things for sure Norway is not a major venue for stag parties - if you go its easy to break your 'fiscal rules'.

Lov-Ham 0 Sogndal 1

Some 10km south in Fyllingsdalen, on a new artifical pitch, the home side celebrated by allowing the crowd in free with cakes an option. Some 900 odd were hungry enough to attend despite the ever-present rain onto an open 'stadium'.
They saw an average game in which Lov-Ham started ok but conceded a goal from a badly defended throw-in, scored by Kanu (no relation?)
Sogndal should have got a second as Kader raced away but one was enough.

A small number of Sogndal fans travelled and brought a couple of very large flags whereas the locals mainly brought their babies.

Bergen to Stavanger is 190 km but it takes around 5 hours by car via 2 ferries and many tunnels and bridges .

The drive is relaxing enough especially given the scenery and the 60-80km speed limits.

Norway is a big country with small speed limits and many tolls.

Even the 30km or so between Stavanger and Bryne has 3 tolls.

Bryne 5 Moss 5

After yesterdays moderate fare this was a veritable goalfest of entertainment.

Played in the old style Bryne stadium with a main stand very reminiscent of the old West stand at Leyton Orient, with a track around and open ends with an open terrace opposite.

And a decent crowd of nearly 2000 attended including some Bryne ultras with plenty of flare and flags.
For this neutral this was a terrific game although the locals probably felt a bit down after Moss scored two in the last few minutes.
The scoring included 4 goals from the Moss no.10 (Kvalheim) who was often left in too much space and there were loads of chances in a game played on a fine pitch (probably helped by the abundant rain)

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