Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Germany March 2008

This trip was made via Heathrow Terminal 5 - essentially a great shopping centre where you can catch a plane.

Rot Weiss Oberhausen 3 Lubeck 0

in the Regionalliga Nord (3rd level) played in a an older style ground , with a track around before some 3500.

After a poor first half this resulted in an easy win for the home team with Terranova getting all three.

In the evening I sample the delights of Dusseldorf - or at least a Maredo restaurant.

On the way a Tibet related protest took place - expect more to come as the Olympics nears .

Paderborn 4 St Pauli 1

In springlike weather the St Pauli fans were many & numerous, tracked by lots of police.

There were no shortage of drinks amongst the motley crew of punks & similar.

And piercings a-plenty.

During the game St Pauli start ok, scored first then collapsed with their goalie (Borger) having a nightmare.

They certainly got outfought by lowly Paderborn with Koen's left foot doing considerable damage .

As always in Germany there are people around to collect the discarded bottles and as always there are a bunch of Goths congregated at Duisburg station as I arrive back.

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