Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Czech republic august 2006

Mlada Boleslav is a car-town. Catch an early morning bus to Prague , as I did, & you will see the stream of nightworkers leaving the works. A large propotion of the local population are employed by Skoda. They also sponsor the football team.
Mlada Boleslav vs Galatasaray (1-1)
It was always going to be tough task for the home team to retrieve a 5-2 deficit from the first leg of this Champions League game.
Gala paraded the likes of Hakan Sukor, Rigobert Song, Hasan Sas & Sasa Ilic together with support from their usual lively travelling fans ('sultans of europe')
Although MB did have quite a number of chances & near misses , especially in the second half, they lacked a decisive finisher. Only when it was (far) too late did they equalise Sas's
driven opener.
So Gala did enough without being over stretched- no doubt they were doubly pleased when they heard the news that Fenerbahce had failed to qualify.

Brno 1 Slavia Prague 0 & Slovacko 1 Banik Ostrava 2
Brno is a bus or train ride from Prague - the bus generally being quicker & cheaper but less spacious. Slovacko play in a town called Uherske Hradiste - a couple of hours (by train) east of Brno.
From this outsiders viewpoint these Czech league games tended to be dominated by strong defences & good technical players though generally lacked goalmouth action. (& goalscorers - no doubt the best move on to bigger leagues)
However the fans support was not lacking ,especially the ultras of Brno (see pic.) & the travelling Banik support. Flags, banners & flares being prominent.

Combine that atmosphere with the cheapness of local match tickets (c. £2), travel, food/drink and the ability to see a number of games over a short period & you have a decent value-for-money trip.

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